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Mobile, On-Site Therapeutic Chair Massage Specialists Proudly Serving Orlando's Business Community Since 2008

Investing in your employees ' well-being is an investment in your business. Let us help you with on-site chair massage, to reduce stress, increase employee productivity and morale, and aid in reducing absenteeism.


Fully Mobile. Yes, we come to you!

No need to make arrangements for your business to purchase gift certificates in bulk, arrange specially "reduced price" services in bulk with a third party at an off-site location, which many employees simply don't use, mostly due to lack of convenience and time. 

We come to you with everything you need to make your employees feel appreciated and well served on the job, with therapeutic massage specifically aimed at relieving neck, back, shoulder and arm aches, headaches, and other conditions associated with repetitive motions or long hours at a computer.  Employees remain clothed, sessions range from 10-30 minutes, depending on your goals, and since chair massage is so compact, it is easy and convenient to set up in a quiet corner, conference room or break room. 


We're local

So many business requesting massage services unknowingly deal with out-of-state agencies who don't personally know who they're hiring to send to your business. While all LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) in Florida are skilled and educated in massage, Chair Massage is a specialty modality that entails special training and skill set. 

Wellness At Work Massage is located in the Greater Orlando Area and uses LMTs who are part of a team that specializes in char massage. All of our LMTs are verified to be up-to-date with Licensure, State mandated Continuing Education requirements, including Florida Laws and Professional Ethics requirements. Their training delivers dependably high quality chair massage, specially honed skills and professionalism to your business and workplace.

Our Services

  •  On-Site Therapeutic Chair Massage
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Health Fairs
  • Conventions
  • Special Events 


Call or email to get started on your employees' journey to feeling great, feeling less stressed and more productive on the job.   Call us at:  321-332-2676 

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